3 Things you Must Add in your Canada Bucket list

Sure enough, a lot of you created your own bucket list and even checked some of the most famous and popular places. If you haven’t traveled yet in Canada, then you don’t have to worry because it’s not too late. Canada is known to have magnificent scenery across the world. You may find yourself relaxing in front of a lake with towering mountains covered in ice or sitting on a bench outside while watching maple leaves falling. Here are the three things you must add to your Canada bucket list.

  • See The Northern Lights 

This magnificent dance of light will make this trip worth it. You can try to take pictures or allow your eyes and mind to remember the superb view on top of you. However, make sure to go to Canada in a specific schedule to see the northern light as it only shows itself in particular months. You might see the aurora borealis in the north of Quebec, northwest territory, Newfoundland, or Yukon between November and March. 

  • Quebec city

Maple syrup everywhere! If you are wandering around Quebec in sugar shack time (spring), you must look into a full sweet Quebecer experience. The sugar shack offers fantastic food, and yes, you can put maple syrup on pretty much everything! Anyone with a sweet tooth here?

An increasingly popular weekend getaway for amorous New Yorkers, Québec City’s charm still remains something of a secret affair. The city’s UNESCO-treasured Old Town hosts a bijou box of colonial streets that make you feel like you’re meandering through a French fairy tale. To soak up the oh là là flair, head to Le Château Frontenac hotel. It will surely be a fantastic addition to your bucket list.

  • Check Out The Polar Bear Capital Of The World

If you’re interested in nature, why not see some polar bears when you go to Churchill, Manitoba. The Subarctic outpost offers unique tourism as they offer winter trek where you can likely to encounter polar bears. Just make sure you go in November since that’s the time they usually go out to look for food.

Canada is an excellent place for food, culture, and tourism. So make sure you prepare everything you need, especially your Canada Visa, to make this trip hassle-free.