Why Use Amazon EBC Designers

Amazon EBC, or Enhanced Brand Content, is a tool that was introduced by Amazon a few years back. This tool allows sellers like yourself to add all sorts of content to their product descriptions. This includes formatted text and images. However, the problem is that many sellers on Amazon don’t know how to harness the power of Amazon EBC. Therefore it’s a good idea to use an Amazon agency.


Our company is a top-rated Amazon agency, and we believe you should use our Amazon EBC design services. There are many reasons to use Amazon A+ Content Designer. Let’s discuss what a few of them are.

Add Amazing Images

For starters, an EBC designer can add amazing images to your product descriptions. Images are some of the first aspects people see when viewing Amazon listings. If your images aren’t of high quality and eye-catching, then they will look elsewhere. Many sellers don’t realize that customers pay incredibly close attention to images, and if an image isn’t appealing to them, then they will likely not buy the product.


As a leading Amazon agency, we have access to great tools that help us in choosing appropriate photos for products. Not only that, but pictures will be edited in a way that makes them stand out of the crowd. Experts know what pictures will generate the best response and which ones likely won’t.


Properly Format Text

Another reason to use Amazon Enhanced Brand Content designers is that they know how to format the text correctly. Descriptions can either read off average, bad or in a way that resonates with potential customers. We format text per Amazon’s guidelines, and we do it in a way that resonates with your customers and targeted market.


Also, the format will be completely clean. Your prospective customers will be able to navigate the text easily. In turn, they’ll find the information about your products that they want to learn the most about.


Highlight Unique Features

All products have unique features. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling on Amazon, and your product has unique characteristics. All too often, sellers don’t know how to highlight unique features.


This is another reason to use Amazon EBC designers. Experts will learn about your product and then research the competition. Then they will create descriptions that highlight unique features in a way your competition isn’t.


Improve Sales

EBC designers will create descriptions that strongly appeal to Amazon users, and in turn, your sales can improve drastically. Strongly-Worded descriptions that use high-quality images can generate more traffic, and it can improve search visibility in Amazon’s results. In turn, your sales will improve because the more people who see your products, the more people who will likely make a purchase.


Stronger Branding

Let’s not forget to mention that designers can help you with branding. When your descriptions are done in a certain way, then it helps with overall branding. Everything you do in regards to your business reflects your brand, and this includes what your product descriptions look like, what they say, and so forth. Too many sellers don’t realize that their descriptions aids in branding, which is why you should let professional EBC designers handle your product descriptions for you.


If you have not been getting the results you’ve been hoping to get with Amazon EBC, then call us today. We can add impressive images to your descriptions, format text correctly, and showcase your products’ features in a way that will entice people to buy them. The bottom line is our Amazon EBC designers are experts when it comes to Enhanced Brand Content.