Commercial Fire Alarm Installation Guide

When it comes to your business. One of the key components you do need is a commercial fire alarm. The commercial fire alarm system will not only protect your property will also protect your inventories and the likes of yourself and your staff and therefore is one of the key considerations when you’re setting up or restructuring your business.

The best way to start your project of setting up commercial fire alarm installation is to make contact with a local company that has a track record of credible commercial installation. As there is no business that is the same similarly your commercial fire alarm will need to make sure that it represents exactly what your business needs to protect your property and the lives within the structure.

A professional installer will be able to take you on a walk through of your structure and the draw up a plan that will include each of the elements that will be required for complete protection. Some of these elements will include both flashing and audible alarms to alert staff to the danger areas that are set off by inbuilt smoke detectors. Ionisation detectors will also be required to detect flames. Depending on the size of your building you may need to have a fire alarm panel installed so that the system can be monitored and controlled electronically and manually. These are generally tied into the local fire department so that when an alarm goes off in your business, a counter alarm will alert the local fire service to have them roll out to assist with containing any damage to your and surrounding premises.

Once you have a plan fully drawn out and agreed to it is time to install the system. Once installed the complete system will need to be run through a large number of tests to ensure that all components are working correctly. All of this will require the commercial fire alarm installation professional to sign off on.

Once designed, installed and tested, you will need to have all staff undergo training on the various fire evacuation policies that have been put in place. Along with training runs in the form of trial fire evacuations, depending on the size and scope of your premises you will also need to delegate various members of staff to be the official fire wardens. Fire Wardens are responsible for making sure that all staff in their area are evacuated and all rooms checked to ensure that there are no stragglers. Once their area has been evacuated then they can give the all clear to the site fire marshall who will be marking staff and building sections of off of their run sheets.