An ESTA USA Application Can Help You Get To The US Much Easier

If you apply with the ESTA visa waiver program, it provides you with the opportunity to travel to the US on short trips for a two year timespan. If by chance your passport expires during those two years, you do need to know that you would also need to fill out the ESTA application once again.

There are plenty of countries on the list whose citizens qualify for the chance to apply with the visa waiver program. There are of course some exceptions. You’re hoping your country is on the list, and that is the first thing you need to check. The way to check is to visit the official ESTA website.

Once you get there, you’re going to be able to start the application process, too. You only need to give the authorities a 72 hour window in order to get approved for the ESTA ahead of your travels. While that is the case, you might want to actually apply before then so that you can get better deals on your airline tickets and your lodging.

How long do you plan to stay in the US? You’re going to have some great adventures for sure. Notice it was mentioned that the ESTA is for short trips. That said, the time limit for the VWP or visa waiver program is 90 days for US travel.

Trips longer than 90 days require a visa as always, no matter what country you are coming from. It’s time to take a look at the ESTA website so that you can get your application started. You will see that you are going to have an easy time filling it out. Hopefully, you get approved here shortly and then can take advantage of all those great travel deals. You will soon be in the US enjoying your world class vacation.