Tropical Vacation Spots in 4 Major Continents

The world is filled with excellent tropical destinations that are sometimes overlooked. No matter what continent you are from, there is always an excellent place for you to relax and have fun in the sun. Here are some of the fantastic vacation spots on each major continent.


North America – Manele Bay, Hawaii

Hawaii is probably the most famous tropical destination in the world. It’s the top of mind place for those looking to have a great beach vacation during summer because of its innate beauty and friendly locals. One of its best beaches is in Manele Bay. In here, there’s a marine preserve where you’ll find a wide variety of fish and other aquatic animals, such as spinner dolphins. The sand here is also very fine and powdery. It’s worth applying for a εστα visa.


Europe – Ibiza, Balearic Islands

On the side of Europe, you can find Ibiza, another popular beach. It’s famous for its nightlife, particularly the clubs that people flock to if they want to loosen up. If you’re not the partying type, Ibiza also has something to offer. You’ll find great places to relax in, such as sandy beaches, villages, different shops, and hotels to stay in. Ibiza has something for every type of vacation buff.


Asia – Pa Tong, Thailand

For those looking to travel to Asia, you can check out Pa Tong beach resort in Phuket, Thailand. It has a wide variety of activities for different interests. In the day, you can frolic along the beach and visit the shops and cafes. There are also places that sell equipment for water-related sports so that that adrenaline junkies can have fun here as well. At night, the party scene in Pa Tong is thriving. Grab a drink and dance the night away in the clubs along Bangla Road.


Oceania – Bondi Beach, Australia

In Australia, you’ll find Bondi Beach, a bustling tropical destination with so much to offer. You can visit the cafes at Campbell Parade, or join Sculpture By The Sea if you are visiting in October or November, where artworks from different locals are up on display. If you’re a golf player, there’s also a range with nine holes. Once the evening sets in, go to Icebergs for some drinks and a great sunset view.

Of course, there are a lot of other destinations that each continent can offer, so if you want to complete them all for your bucket list, go ahead and start with these 4. Enjoy!