4 Things To Consider When Buying Industrial Blender

Blending is one of the most critical processes when manufacturing anything for food, bakery, nutrition, and the chemicals sector. Be mindful that when powder ingredients perfectly, it increases the value of your product. With that, it is your best to choose the best industrial blenders. Consider these factors before purchasing one to ensure that you get the right one for your business.

Products Variety

Are you manufacturing a single product or a variety of them? If you only have one recipe to manufacture with no regular changes required, a fixed mixture would be the ideal choice. However, consumers are usually seeking variety. Then, choosing industrial blenders capable of batch processing will allow you to do so.

Powder Characteristics

Ribbon blenders or tumble-blender are your best bet if you’re going to handle free-flowing ingredients under the same particle sizes. However, if you’re dealing with cohesive or sticky powders that you need to blend homogeneously, a powerful industrial blender with intense force will be great in folding the particles together.

Batch Size To Manufacture

While larger blenders can handle a full order, it will likely take time to load the ingredients, as well as mix and clean the industrial blender after that. With that, it can lead to a significant amount of downtime while the blender is not in use. A right solution is opting for smaller mixers instead, which will allow you to maximize your operation time.

Ease of Cleaning

All industrial blenders will have some residue left sticking to its bearings, paddles, or sidewalls or left at the bottom of the mixer bowl. Look for one that is easier to disassemble and clean. While it saves you time and allows you to allocate it on mixing procedures, it also lessens the risk of possible contamination among different batches.


Never ever select an industrial mixer because it seems to be the cheapest option. Make sure to consider these factors to get a unit that will prevent a significant amount of downtime, thus promoting high ROI. Always see to it that you’re getting an industrial blender that will provide you a competitive advantage.