What Happens in Plantar Fasciitis Treatment?

Plantar Fasciitis is one of the heel pains a person can experience. It happens when a strain injury tears some ligaments due to some strenuous activity. It is quite common for runners to get afflicted with the inflammation. Plantar fasciitis creates a stabbing sensation in the affected area, which causes mild pain and discomfort.

Usually, it goes away on its own, but it may take six weeks to twelve months for a full recovery. But some treatments hasten recovery. Here are the things that happen in a plantar fasciitis treatment:

Medical Diagnosis

As with any ailment, injury, or sickness, a diagnosis must be in order. A doctor will examine your foot and determine the location and severity of the pain. The doctor can also order to have your foot x rayed to study further and evaluate your foot in case there are other complications. After the diagnosis, the doctor can choose the proper treatment.


If the inflammation is severe and too advanced and ascertained that complications would arise if left untreated, surgery must be in order. They will make some cuts in a fraction of the fiber to release some tension. It can be done with a small, precise cut over the inflamed area or done through endoscopy. Recovery takes three to six weeks. This must be your last option for treatment.

Medical Drug Treatment

Medical drugs can be prescribed by your doctor to help lower the pain and inflammation without surgery. The drug can be non-steroidal or steroidal. Non-steroidal medication is always the first option by doctors when it comes to drug treatment.

Steroid treatments will inject the steroid directly through the inflamed part of the heel. The treatment acts fast, but it requires at least a month before recovery. This must be done with ultrasound imaging.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps. The Bowen Technique is one of the best physical therapies for plantar fasciitis. This can be done at home and does not require you to buy maintenance drugs. Bowen techniques are easy to do, and multiple websites offer instructions. It’s the safest way to alleviate your plantar fasciitis.


Plantar Fasciitis can be painful when left unchecked. You can always perform physical therapies for its alleviation. But if the pain is too much, consult a medical professional.