The Similarities and Differences of Visium Kanada vs. German Visas

If you’re trying to get visas from either Germany or Canada, you must be able to learn about the basic similarities and differences that you can get from each of these two documents. This article can help you do that by giving you some bits of information about the Visium Kanada more thoroughly. Here they are as follows:

The Similarities

  • General Visa Requirements and Work Permits

If you are traveling from Canada to Germany, the Visium Kanada requirements are still the same. You will have to get your passport if you want to go to the latter. You will also need to get the necessary work permits if you’re going to work in Canada or Germany professionally.

  • University Acceptance

A student visa from Germany and Canada require an official admission from either a Canadian or German University to ensure the document validity. You cannot apply for a student visa in both countries if you don’t have any document that could prove your acceptance at the University of your choice.

  • Limited Stay for Business Purposes

If you are in German businessman who would want to enter Canada both for leisure business, you would need to prove to the embassy that you would only stay for a limited time. Of course, this depends on the nature of your visit to the country. You can stay in Canada for business with an Electronic Travel Authority.

It is the same for Germany. If you are a Canadian citizen wanting to enter this particular country on business, you would need to present proof of your professional intentions in the country. This way, you will be able to enter either Germany or Canada without any hassles.

The Differences

  • The Local Necessities¬†

If you’re a German citizen trying to enter Canada, you don’t need a visa per se to come to visit. However, you do need an ETA. These letters stand for Electronic Travel Authorization. This document ensures that you are going to stay in the county for your specific purpose only and nothing more.

It is part of the enhancement measures that the Canadian government has implemented regarding security. In recent years, this has been their form of a visa for German citizens in Canada.

  • Specific Service Contract

For a German work permit, there would need to be a service contract between the German Company and the Canadian establishment that wants to operate in the country professionally. The same goes for the people. You would need to have permission from either your German or Canadian company to be able to work in either country. 

In Canada, you would need to apply for a straightforward work permit in-country as a German citizen. You would need to be had by a Canadian establishment to gain employment in the country.


With these similarities and differences, you can certainly enjoy your stay in either country even more. Just make sure that if you are aware of the specific type of visa that you are applying for so that you can look for the country-specific requirements that you would need more quickly. Visit this website to learn more.