Should You Or Should You Not Drink Alcohol Before Getting A Tattoo

If you have finally found the answer to the question, “where to get a tattoo in Auckland near me?” Then, it’s time to solve another crucial one: should you or should you not drink before getting a tattoo?”


Many tattoo enthusiasts opt to consume alcohol before getting inked to assist in numbing the pain during the procedure. This is not always the case, however. People have biological differences, and the result may vary from one person to another. To help out, here are the reasons why you should not indulge in alcohol before having a tattoo:


Alcohol Thins Blood


Alcohol drinking results in irregular thinning of the blood. Thin blood clots at slower rates, which means that extra bleeding can happen if one decided to booze and proceed to get inked. Though, it is not possible to bleed to death from having a tattoo. There are other issues linked to thinning of the blood, such as visibility problems and dilution of ink.


Visibility Problems


You will bleed at higher rates than usual when your blood thins. Excessive blood from the small wounds that tattooing generates can affect your artist’s accuracy. The pooling of blood on the skin lowers his visibility and may lead to a low-quality tattoo — a thing you surely wouldn’t want.


Ink Dilution


Extra blood produced from the procedure can lead to more blood mixing with the ink. With that, your tattoo may look faded and less vibrant. Worst, excessive bleeding can push out the ink resulting in a patchy design.


Impaired Judgment


Having inked is a crucial decision in your life. Remember that you have to live with the tattoo for the rest of your lifetime. You surely don’t want something that you haunt you forever just because of a poor decision you made while under the influence of alcohol.


You have to select the subject you want, the place where it will be applied, and the ratio. You have to see to it that the stencil is affixed based on your preference. Moreover, you need to listen attentively to the post-care instructions for the total healing of your tattoo. These are crucial decisions and information you can only make or take when you have a clear conscience.


Alcohol consumption before getting a tattoo can cause problems that can easily be avoided through little sacrifice. We know how fun an epic Beer Pong tournament is your colleague is hosting but there will always some other time.