How Much Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Cost?

If you are accused of a crime in Jacksonville, Florida, you may be wondering the costs associated with hiring a criminal defense attorney. The answer is not clear cut as you would expect. There are many factors to be considered, and this article will provide you a guide.


For most US states, defendants who are charged with a case will opt to represent themselves or the public attorney provided by the Constitution. Even if statistics support that hiring a private defense lawyer

offers a higher chance of getting discharged, or reduces the potential sentence, almost 90 percent of the time, the accused would not think of hiring a private counsel.


A common reason is the lack of predictability of pricing charges and transparency presented by private firms. The costs can vary depending on the following criteria:

  1.   Case Type

Depending on the gravity of the case, criminal defense lawyers will charge more for felony cases than misdemeanors. If the situation requires more extended hours and more significant work for the attorney, the fees will be more. In Jacksonville, misdemeanor offenses can range from USD 500 to USD 2,000, except for cyberstalking or stalking, which incurs higher costs at around USD 5,000 to USD 10,000.

  1.   Financial Status of the Defendant

The court will determine if the defendant is qualified to receive free public service depending on their income. The Constitution will shoulder the fees.

  1.   Lawyer Experience

If the criminal defense lawyer has a more prominent reputation or more extensive experience in the field, they will likely charge a premium in fees. However, note that a more experienced attorney will probably be able to fast-pace the case than someone new.

  1.   Additional Costs

There are instances where the defendant may incur an added charge if they call for a hired investigator, psychologist, or drug specialist to defend their case.


Finally, it is vital to note that a criminal defense attorney in Jacksonville, Fl, may have different ways of charging, which may overall affect the total fees to be paid by the defendant. Some firms charge per hour, while others opt for a flat fee rate. Other private firms charge on a case by case basis as well.


If you plan to hire a defense lawyer, being aware of the different components that make up the fees can enable you to plan financially ahead.


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