5 Best Event Themes For Any Special Occasion

A theme is a key factor in making an event a good one. It must strike a balance between being fun but not too cheesy and being classy but not too serious. Learn it from Arizona event rentals pros The Event Co., they put the special on any occasion. These are 5 classic themes that will worm in any event. Remember, your theme should be as good as the other things in your party like the host, food, and music.


1.Lush and extravagant


Velvet carpet, crystal chandelier, and butlers in suits, an extravagant party will keep everyone in their best spirits. Partner it with a live jazz pianist and everyone will be impressed with your planning. While this is suited for the adults, the theme is kid-friendly too. Just make sure they do not break any of the decors.


  1. Smart casual


To keep things easy, a smart casual theme is a go-to style. This theme is more applicable to the attendants’ outfits. But that is what makes this theme a flexible one, it can be partnered with a variety of decorations. For those new to parties and special occasions, no need to cash out lots of money for your outfit. The same goes with the planner, this theme is both classic and versatile.


  1. Euro-Scandinavian


This theme is sort of a combination of the first two. Think of sleek lines, bold colors, and classy looks. For this theme, the outfits and the overall decoration is inspired by European fashion and Scandinavian minimalism. Keep the event lively by adding pieces of artworks to make people interested as they roam around the event place.


  1. Earthy and tropical


Coachella and Burning man are two of the most festive events on the planet. Both use a boho and earthy theme which is more relaxed in terms of fashion and event rules. Shades of brown, olive, cream, and other neutral colors should dominate your event. To keep things consistent, make your food organic or sourced from local “farm to table” producers.


  1. Movie party


Everyone has a geeky side in them. A movie-themed party is surely a fun party. Not that just it is appropriate to kids and adults, everyone’s outfit and the decoration will be a conversation starter.




Just like what Arizona event rentals pros, The Event Co does they put a photo booth in their events. After all, you spent hours making your Harry Potter costume, why not have a photo with people at the party who did the same.