4 Safety Tips For A Vent Free Fireplace

Owning a vent free fireplace means that instead of using wood, gas gets utilized so that it doesn’t produce smoke while still having the same effects and concept of a regular furnace. However, there are still safety measures that you should practice and know about before handling a fireplace of this type.

Schedule Inspections Yearly

While most vent free fireplaces don’t need much maintenance, still make it a habit to check yours for at least once a year. Remember that it’s one thing to inspect the fireplace on your own, and it’s also another to have experts look into the status of the product. If you’re trying to save money by doing it yourself, you might be overseeing issues that a professional would see immediately and prolong the defects.

Never Start A Fire Without Supervision

If you have members of the household who have zero experience in handling fireplaces, then it would be best to advise them to ask for assistance. Doing things on their own might cause accidents or, worse, a house fire that causes extensive damage. A fire accident happens because of even the smallest spark or stray ember. Always make sure to have someone watch over and supervise the fireplace itself as well as the person igniting it.

Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Most gas-powered fireplaces have carbon monoxide residues even after you put out a fire. Carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas that can affect a person’s oxygen levels because instead of having hemoglobin bind to the cells, carbon monoxide competes and links to it instead. Always check your chimney if there are obstructions. Also, make sure that you have detectors so that you can assure everyone that there is no carbon monoxide left within the house.

Always Stay 3 Feet Away

As a rule, always keep yourself or any flammable object 3 feet away from the fireplace. Anything that seems flammable or combustible should be 100% taken away from the area. If you have metal pokers, brooms, and dustpans, then it’s okay to place them near the fireplace. This rule should be a regular reminder to everyone so that they don’t put anything near the fire that may cause accidents and mishaps. Always make sure to practice these safety tips when you have a vent free fireplace!